Sunday, December 11, 2011

Text the Romance Back Quick Review - Love Text Messages

Text the Romance Back Quick Review - Love Text Messages -

Your guy needs to please you and make you happy. But he won't do that if he feels forced or compelled to. The last thing your man needs is having you sitting there and telling him what he is not doing right.

What I am going to suggest is a unusual romance idea. Your smartphone is your quickest way to rekindle your relationship fast.  A text message can operate as a gigantic trigger. You have heard of Pavlov's dog? That is what I am going to advise you do with text messages. Create positive triggers for your partner that inspire him to renew the romance spontaneously.

When women think about romance, they think about it a great deal differently than guys do. In order for your guy to desire to please you, you must start thinking and behaving in ways that will encourage him to do this.

The number one secret for making your guy want more is your mindset. Do you truly believe you are worthy? Do you feel that you're deserving of passion? Can you give yourself authorization to really let him please you?

Curiosity is your best tool to generate interest. The fastest method to get him to be a romance junkie is to get him fantasizing about you all day and night by sending him tiny text messages he will in no way forget.  Make him work a bit to know where you're leading him, but know where you are going.

Texting is a quick way to reawaken a relationship. It trumps nagging and telling him what it is he isn't doing.  Guys do not in fact respond to conversation, it's actions that get their attention.  You can text the romance back. -

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