Saturday, October 20, 2012

Qody's Redirector Hoax

The Huge Qody's Redirector Hoax 

Sadly, a few of the absolute finest plugins are premium, not free of charge. John at has developed a number of Wordpress plugins that operate together to monetize your authority blogs and entire TLDs - WITHOUT having to post a banner or text affiliate link for the world to observe.

1. As best I can determine, Qody's Redirector (Alejandro) is a hidden iframe redirect which sends EVERY visitor from your site to a destination url or affiliate link of your choosing upon exit from your blog.

2. Redirect on the mouse exiting any page.  Redirecting users exactly when they try to leave your site ensures the complete 100% usefulness of each visitor. They don't like your unique content? Send them to an affiliate offer on the way out.

3. A visitor is not required to click on anything or to optin.

4. Setting a redirect for every page, post, or category can be constructive - but from time to time we're lazy. Convenience alternatives such as redirecting just the homepage, search results page, and even redirecting an entire site are available.

5. The pro version of Alejandro enables you trigger a redirect when a visitor is viewing a trusted authority site, such as Wikipedia or the Huffington Post. When that visitor attempts to leave, your own custom redirect is triggered - be it an advertisement popup, automatic redirect to an offer page, you name it.

6. You can monetize your authority blog without Google Adsense or affiliate links and banners showing making for a cleaner experience for surfers.

7. Shroud links by immediately sending them to a different url than the one visible. Require their attention by using an alert prompt to temporary lock the browser until they choose "Ok" or "Cancel".

Qody's Redirector could be one of the safest and preeminent bets for building up authority blogs and earning money before your niche/expert reputation is well-known. As a rule, iframes are not indexed by the search spiders and should not be penalized.

Turn every post or page on your niche blog into a revenue source.


Buy a single site license to give Qody's Redirector a test drive. Beat it up. Drive visitors to the site. Make a little money.

If you have only 1 site, you are finished. If you wish to put Alejandro and other "owls" on many blogs, you may want to think about a Qody Nexus membership. With a membership ($47/mo), you can set up pro versions of all of Qody's plugins on multiple sites. If you work it correctly, the Redirector alone will pay for everything.

30-day money-back guarantee.

If you come to a decision that the suite of plugins is not for you, you can unsubscribe and you nevertheless own your original standard plugin.

For more information, visit or go straight to for different licenses and prices -

Charles Lamm

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